I feel pretty good about traveling, I like to spend alot of my time on vacations, it gets me out of the house most of the time.


I would like to go to flordia because some of my family live there and i would like to swim in the ocean. I would love to go to miami because i want to be a part of a dogeball team and i would spend most of my time practicing dogeball. I would like to go to texas because i study the wildlife there and i would spend most of my time with snakes.

Passed destinations

I have been to tennessess arknansas, we would go to stores and walk around the town at night.I have been to jonesboro, i went chuckcheeses, I would stay there for hour and chill, i went to the mall and bought stuff. I been to tennessess nashville, I went to the mall and hang out with my family, we stayed in hotel, it was amazing time.


I think photoscape was a pretty cool app, I edit it and crop it, added a few stickers. I did rock app half the tools. I made a really cool photo. I think the tools are very useful for my photo. Bceause the deiting make my photo look smoother.


I edit it and put lines through it to make it differnent. I feel like i did pretty good. I feel like i rock the tools out for the photo. Overall i feel like i did pretty good with photoscape.